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Type Price Description
GOLD tickets 150 eur GOLD Tickets

This tickets allow its owner:

- Access to the official closing dinner on Sunday evening at the official hotel, with all the delegation.
- Access to the closing pa
Sunday Evening: Grand Prix 2010 Apparatus Finals and Champions Gala 6 EUROS Ticket for the Grand Prix 2010, apparatus finals and champions Gala.
Saturday Evening: Grand Prix 2010 all around competition 6 EUROS Ticket for Grand Prix 2010, all-around competition.

Friday 14th May: Andalucia Cup 2010 2 eur Ticket for the Andalucia Cup 2010 which will take place on friday 14th May.
The ticket is obligatory and allows you to asist to the official training in the morning.
Federation Affiliates 10 EUROS Forfait: For Grand Prix allaround. Final, Gala, Andalucia Cup, and Official Trainings.


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